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Winter seems officially to be coming now

The role of Tyrion Lannister has been cast in the HBO Game of Thrones pilot!


I don't think I've seen anything this actor is in, but various forums discussing the show have suggested he'll be great in the part. I'm very excited that the show seems to be making progress. I would love to see it onscreen, and HBO won't pull any punches when keeping to the...rather gritty spirit of the series, unlike the little I've seen of ABC Family's rendition of the Terry Goodkind books.


Things that rock

*Everyone who offered birthday wishes/reassurances of my continued nondecrepitude. Thank you all. ::hugs and kisses::
*The David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which didn't fall down while we were there, and which seems to be a perfect venue for our poor itinerant Tekkoshocon.
*Downtown Pittsburgh, which is quite pretty in spring.
*Fondue with LOBSTER.
*Adam, who provided for me an awesome and wonderful weekend, and who is getting me a new bike so pghkitten can go ZOOM all around the city and grow fit and healthy!
*Did I mention Baccano!?

I am happy and lucky and full of fondue. It has been a great birthday/convention weekend.

A non-sparkly interlude

I suppose it's not surprising, given that they are growing up in a house steeped in King, zombies, Lovecraft, and goat skulls on the guest room bookshelf (really!), but it's still amusing:

The kittens have apparently developed a liking for horror entertainment.

They've begun deliberately hanging out in sinks and the bathtub, sitting directly under the faucet and staring expectantly up at it. They wait there until I turn on the water. Then they freak out, skitter away from it, vacate the premises, shake their paws, and bathe themselves furiously.

When I turn the water off, they jump back in the sink or bathtub, sit down under the tap, and wait for the water to return.

It's so damn hilarious.


I was going to title this "A Meme for Monday," except that it's Wednesday. ::tries to adjust inner clock::

Which science fiction writer that you've never heard of are you?Collapse )


Today's daily supply of just wrong

Just in case anybody missed the link on FaceBook today:

Saturday Morning Watchmen


Thank you, Vatican City, for periodically giving me these little reminders about why I left the Church:


Seriously, wow, what a proud and empowering message to offer for International Women's Day.

Les loups, les fouets, et embrasse !

Bonjour, mes amis, mes membres de famille, et les amants ! Aujourd'hui est le jour que nous célébrons le St. Le valentin, et si vous retournez loin assez, le jour que nous célébrons la fertilité dans les champs, les loups qui laissent des figures romaines légendaires soignent d'eux, et frappant des femmes heureuses avec les fouets. Je poste de nouveau dans la langue d'amour, parce que c'est un bon jour pour faire cela. J'espère que tout le monde je sache -- seul, épousé, ou dans n'importe quel des états merveilleux au milieu -- a un jour merveilleux, et que vous dites que quelqu'un ou sont dit par quelqu'un que vous les aimez. Nous allons à Rouge Chaud et Bleu pour manger quelques côtes, parce qu'ils sont proches au coeur, et nous verrons que Coraline, que nous entendons est un très bon film. Adam m'a acheté les chocolats et râle saccadé pour symboliser les fouets de Lupercalia. Aujourd'hui, embrasser votre amant, appeler un ami, ou câliner un chaton, parce qu'est aujourd'hui le jour pour l'aimer, dans quoi que la forme qui aime prend.

A surfeit of lampreys (lampreys=relatives)

Okay, so yesterday on a whim, I decided to start a family tree on Ancestry.com. Soon after that, I signed up for the 14-day free trial.

A few hours after that I had a family tree for my paternal grandmother's line going back 12 generations to the 1500s.

Holy crap am I OCDing over this site, but it's fascinating.

I have ancestors named Zillah and Hieronymus.

My dad, whom I've always thought of as simply English, German, and a bit Scotch-Irish, has heritage including Swiss, Dutch, and Alsatian. A lot of Alsatian, actually. I wonder if my father's family is distantly related to mrteapot.

I suspect this is how I'm going to be spending a lot of my time in the near future. :-P